Here is the entry (a little late)

I was a little late getting the blog entry up for this week – SOOOO… you can use this week to catch up with your blogging (especially your critical comments on your classmates blogs). Remember – Your blog and comments are 50% of your overall grade. If you do an average job you will get the average grade (C). I say “aim higher” because many time you score lower than what you expect.

We will have an opportunity to discuss more about what the Canadians were doing in the 1950s in the NFB- especially in the famous Unit B group – next week.

Be sure to read Chapter 14 for next week. For those who have been reading along, you will notice that we will be skipping two chapters. We will have an opportunity to discuss some of the information within – especially when we get to our presentations.

Now would be a good time to talk a little more about those requirements…

There are two options for your final project (though there are a few of your doing both). This project is 30% of your overall grade.

Option #1: Choose a film that we did not watch this semester from a list of approved films. You will research this film and prepare a 10 minute presentation about the film. You must use at least 3 clips from the film. If you need help getting the clips please let me know (within ample time) and I will help. The presentation must discuss who the film maker is, his initial goals in making this film, where the funding came from, the historical importance of this film, and the importance to the documentary movement. It is important to make connections to filmmakers/movements that we have discussed in class and in our blog.

Option #2: Shoot your own 3-5 minute documentary/mockumentary in the style of a film that we have watched (or on the approved list of films). This film must clearly utilise style and/or technique in sampled film. You will present this film within a presentation in which you will discuss your inspiration, how you applied the specific style and/or technique in your own work, the historical importance of that style and/or technique in film history, and examples of other films that utilise the same elements. The presentation, along with the screening of your short film will be 10 minutes.

I will work up a list of the approved films and post it soon.

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