Welcome to the New Fall Semester

I have finally gotten around to posting the first blog of the semester (I’ve been promising it for the last two classes).  While it might be a meager offering – this blog marks the beginning of what I hope will be an enlightening, and enjoyable, discussion on nonfiction films.

For those of you in class – if you have not made your wordpress site yet please do so ASAP.  Simple go to WordPress.com and sign up.  It is free.  Follow the instructions.  There are no extra points for style – I’m interested in your thought and comments on your fellow classmates.  Though, if you want to make it look pretty I’m not stopping you!

You will have one blog entry per week – so one entry for every two classes we meet.

So… blog entry #1 will come next week…  Be Prepared…

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  1. Hey this is Wiley! Follow for Follow?

  2. ktsuann

     /  September 9, 2013

    This is su ann

  3. Hello! This is Stevi! I’m posting this in class!

  4. Hi everone! This is STaN

  5. Hello! My name is Kenneth. Nice to meet you!

  6. This is Quintin

  7. This is James Spencer!

  8. This is Jeremy.


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